Section 4 Storytelling Sprint With Will Storr

Master the art of Storytelling with the Story Map and the Hero's Story, taught by Will Storr.Repo.

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This is my 6th Section 4 Sprint - it also couldn't have come at a more crucial time

Most of the other sprints that I have participated in at Section 4 worked on pretty specific technical or business skills that you would expect from an MBA level course. High-level frameworks and in-depth case studies can take you away from the creativity you need as a brand.

I've always been a writer at heart and a very good storyteller - well, depending on which story I'm tellling. I guess telling stories that are funny or from the past come effortless for me - it's the stories that I need to tell about myself or my brand that cause me to get stuck and struggle.

I'm hoping this sprint will help me break through whatever creativity barrier that is keeping me stuck when storytelling about my brand. I hope to also explore the methods I learn in this sprint with blog posts on this website. I hope you find this blog both informative and entertaining!

Sprint Blog Posts

Here are blog posts that I've made over the course of this sprint.

I'm baby fashion axe swag actually, retro man

Module Three - Connection and Status

by Andrew Weisbeck on Jul 29, 2022

Taking a look at Connection and Status We start the sprint off by being introduced to the 4S framework. Connection 3 Basic Human Drives Rise . Connect super important - Read more...

I'm baby fashion axe swag actually, retro man

Tar Heel Window Washing

by Andrew Weisbeck on Jul 23, 2022

YOLO pop-up synth fixie slow-carb fingerstache before they sold out twee readymade church-key DIY meh umami crucifix offal. PBR&B craft beer photo booth lyft gastropub 90's. This is a Read more...